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A handy guide

To achieve the best results from ear cleaning, apply softening drops or olive oil prior to your appointment. This makes it much quicker and easier to remove any hardened wax and clear the build-up.

Once you arrive for ear wax removal in London, your appointment will be held by our fully qualified clinical hearing care technician who will offer you a full range of effective ear cleaning techniques which will be decided on according to your personal needs.

Earwax removal


Before your appointment

Mild aches in your ear may be due to the amount of wax in your ear.

Moderate to severe pain may indicate an infection - see your GP first.

Use Earol or olive oil for 3 days before your appointment. Oil-based ear wax removal sprays, such as EAROL, are great for softening wax prior to other procedures, and are very effective at penetrating wax due to their small droplet size.

Earwax removal


Help yourself

Earwax Removal


Aftercare - Syringing

keep the ear dry for the next 7 days, while your natural ear wax levels are replenish. it is important to avoid inserting anything into the ear canal, such as cotton swabs. Dry you ear thoroughly before reinserting hearing aid.



Ear wax is natural protection for your ears.

Poking anything in your ears will only push the wax deeper and possibly cause problems and trauma to your ear. To prevent build-up of excessive wax, if this is a regular problem for you, it may be helpful to put 1-2 drops of olive oil in your ears once or twice a week.

Earwax removal
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